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Plotting FAQs Continued

What types of files can you print?

Answer: We can plot from virtually all standard CAD file formats. These are: AutoCAD dwg, dxf,  HP-GL2,  Postscript.

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How do I send you a file to print?

Answer: Drawing files are stored in a format specific to the CAD application (AutoCAD uses DWG, MicroStation uses DGN, etc.)  

Plotters do not have the ability to print files in these drawing formats. In order to plot, your CAD application uses a 'driver' to convert
your CAD file into a format a plotter can use.  

For example, the Hewlett Packard plotter accepts the HPGL/2 plot format and to plot to this device your CAD application must have
the HPGL/2 plotter driver, some CAD applications use a standard Windows driver for plotting, so you would need this driver loaded
into the Windows Operating System.

The ability to create accurate, reliable Plot Files is the first and most important step in dependable set plotting because Plot Files
are a completely encapsulated representation of the original drawing file printed how you want it to look.  

In other words, all of the pen settings, fonts and reference files that usually need to accompany a CAD file have been put into the
single Plot File, by the driver.  

Normally your plotter accepts this information through a printer cable connected to your PC or to a network port on the plotter. In
order to create Plot Files, you just redirect this stream of data to a file on your local or network disk called a Plot File.  

The method varies, but generally right before the plot function occurs you are prompted for the file name.  

Your drawings are now in a format that can be transported or transmitted to other plotters. You could copy or e-mail these files to a
colleague who can then plot them to any compatible plotter, without the need for the CAD application that created the files!

Yes….we can print your CAD Plot Files while you wait.

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How do I  create a Plot File in AutoCAD 2002?

Answer: AutoCAD 2002 already has the printer configuration files for our wide-format printer so you will get perfect results
if you follow these instructions.

1.      From the drop down menu, select File and then Plotter Manager

2.     a) Double click on the Add a Plotter Wizard, next

b) My computer

c) Manufacturer - Oce

d) Model - 9400LV-4.x

e) Next, Next

g) Ports, select Plot to file

h) Name - Oce 9400 LV-4.x

i)  Finish    (You have now installed the Driver and are ready to plot)

3.      From the drop down menu, select File and then Plot.

4.      You should automatically be in 'Plot Device' tab

5.      In Plotter Configuration, select the Oce 9400, from the drop down list.

6.      Select the correct pen settings for how you want the drawing to look when printed.

7.      Make sure the 'plot to file' box is ticked. Save the file name and location.

8.      Click on the 'Plot Settings' tab.

9.      Choose the correct paper size, according to the drawing size that you want.

10.    Choose the correct drawing orientation - Landscape or Portrait.

11.    Always do a full preview to ensure that the plot file is complete with title blocks & all views, and that it will fit onto the paper
size selected with the correct scale. To exit this view press enter or esc.

12.    All OK? Select OK. A plot file should have been created.

Use Winzip, or similar, to compress the file for FTP transport to Galveston County Blueprint, or send disk us  with quantity and size
of prints required, white paper, tracing or film, your name and a contact telephone number.

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I forgot to change a couple of things before I sent you my drawings. Will you change them for me?

Answer: No. Due to production schedules and other factors, we are unable to edit your drawings.

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